Daily supervision and monthly assessment to promote the implementation of goals and tasks

  • Date2023-12-14

  • AuthorLounYao

In recent years, Lounyao has continued to implement target management in depth and continuously strengthened process supervision, by paying close attention to the fulfillment of job responsibilities and strictly implementing target assessments, it has achieved closed-loop management of various tasks and ensured that all targets and tasks are completed on time with quality and quantity.

The goals are scientific and reasonable, and the implementation details are clear and specific. When the company formulates its annual work goals, it determines the target content based on the company's annual key tasks, key difficult issues in phases, key monthly tasks, temporary tasks, etc. Each department decomposes and implements the target tasks layer by layer, formulates practical, concrete and quantitative measures, and appoints people, responsibilities and nodes, and professional functions provide process guidance, supervision, assessment and evaluation. "When our company sets goals, firstly, it sets the time and standards based on full consideration of the actual work, and quantifies everything that can be quantified, so as to facilitate implementation and assessment; secondly, the target work was supervised and managed according to the methods of daily supervision, weekly sorting and monthly implementation, which ensured that all work was carried out in an effective and orderly manner and achieved good results. "The person in charge of the General Office said