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Qingdao Lounyao is located in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city in China, adjacent to the Shanghe Economic Demonstration Zone and Jiaozhou International Airport, close to Qingdao Port and Jiaozhou Bay, convenient transportation and developed financial network. Qingdao Lounyao and two physical factories, Qingdao Rhoxon Lubricant Co.,Ltd. and Shandong Keruiwo New Material Technology Co.,Ltd., form a group company integrating trade and industry with professional division of labor and cooperation. 

Qingdao Lounyao relies on the strong quality control system and production capacity of Keruiwo and Rhoxon factories, as well as the deep R&D capability of Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Rhoxon Lubricant, establish three major sales and technical service team, including cutting fluids and their additives, cosmetics additives and fine chemicals. 

China has the most complete industrial production system in the world and the richest variety of chemicals. Lounyao’s fine chemicals department has signed long-term cooperative relationships with thousands of high-quality chemical manufacturers. 

In order to achieve high-quality delivery, Lounyao company implements full-process control in quality control, safe transportation, efficient customs clearance, convenient settlement and financial security. Each sales team has senior industry application experts, and we are willing to share our mature product application experience and laboratory research results with you to help customers product safely and stably, improve product quality, reduce production costs and achieve customer goals. We believe that achieving customers is the achievement of Lounyao. 

The principles we adhere to are professionalism, customer first and efficient service. 

In order to better serve customers in Russia and Central Asia, Rhoxon Technology (Moscow ) Company was established in November 2023. Rhoxhon Technoligy’s team looks forward to your Inquiry!

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In the future,longyao will continue to strive, creating opportunities for employees, generating benefits for customers, creating wealth for shareholders, and ultimately becoming a leading and respected core supplier of fine chemicals and related solutions in the industry, contributing value to society.

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