Aluminium hydroxide

  • Product Characteristics
    • Alias : Hydrated alumina; Trihydrate alumina

    • CAS No. : 21645-51-2

    • EINECS No. : 244-492-7

    • Molecular formula : Al(OH)3

  • Chemical Structure
    • Aluminium hydroxide
Product Details

    Physical and Chemical Properties:

    White monoclinic crystals. Melting point at 300°C (loses crystalline water). Relative density of 2.42. Refractive index of 1.57. Begins to dehydrate at 200°C. Soluble in inorganic acids and alkaline solutions, insoluble in water and ethanol.


    Aluminium hydroxide is the most widely used and extensively applied inorganic flame retardant additive.

    As a flame retardant, it not only exhibits flame resistance but also prevents smoke, does not produce dripping, and does not generate toxic gases. Therefore, it has broad applications, with its usage increasing annually.

    It is used in various industries, including thermosetting plastics, thermoplastic plastics, synthetic rubber, coatings, and building materials.

    Additionally, aluminium hydroxide is a fundamental raw material in the aluminum electrolysis industry for preparing aluminum fluoride, and it is widely used in this industry as well.