• Product Characteristics
    • Alias : Oleic acid amide

    • CAS No. : 301-02-0

    • EINECS No. : 206-103-9

    • Molecular formula : C18H35NO

  • Chemical Structure
    • Oleamide
Product Details

    Physical and Chemical Properties:

    White or light yellow powder or flake.

    Flash point at 210°C, ignition point at 235°C.

    Insoluble in water, relatively soluble in solvents such as ketones, esters, alcohols, and turpentine.

    Good compatibility with resins.

    Exhibits good dispersibility for various substances such as fuels, pigments, and fillers.

    Relative density of 0.85 (80°C).

    Critical temperature at 531°C, critical pressure at 13.09MPa.


    This product can be used as a lubricant and mold release agent for resins.

    Mainly used as a lubricant, opening agent, and film anti-adhesive for polyethylene and polypropylene, with a usage rate of 0.2-0.5 parts.

    It can also be used as a softener and waterproof agent for fibers, a dispersant for fuels and pigments, and an anti-adhesive and anti-precipitation agent for inks and metals, respectively.